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President: Jessica Anderson
Vice President: Kenneth Britt
Treasurer:  Shellee Stine
Secretary:  Eileen Lynch

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Jessica Anderson, PTSO President

My interests in becoming a PTSO Officer at Milton Somers are to ensure I am heavily involved in assisting school leadership with making changes and effective progress for our scholars and families. I also know that I can help to advocate for our scholars, families, and school leadership through my voice/role as a PTSO Officer.

I was a Girl Scout Troop Leader (of two troops) and Regional Cookie Manager for over a decade and the volunteerism with children, families and organizational leadership is needed in a PTSO Officer capacity.


Kenneth Britt, PTSO Vice-President

I possess the skills, volunteer experience, and time to commit to this role, and I sincerely hope to be considered for this position. Over the past year, I have actively volunteered as a Parent Volunteer at Milton Somers, and I sincerely enjoyed the experience. Furthermore, during the 2022-2023 academic year, I had the privilege of leading a team of scholars for Destination Imagination, which was a tremendously rewarding experience.

My commitment to volunteering in schools or extracurricular organizations that my children have attended is evidence of my passion for education and the invaluable role that parents play in supporting their children's academic growth. My previous experience as a softball coach for St. Charles and Northpoint High Schools has honed my ability to work effectively with faculty, staff, parents, and students. Additionally, I have served as the PTSO Chair of Membership at Northpoint High School during the 2018- 2019 academic year.


Eileen Lynch, PTSO Secretary

I have a strong desire to serve and contribute to the school community in a positive and supportive manner. As parents, our actions directly impact our children's experiences, and I believe that serving as the PTSO Secretary is a direct way for me to make a difference.

My administrative skills, volunteer experience, and commitment to this role make me a strong candidate for this position. My proficiency in documentation and communication will be valuable in keeping accurate records and sharing information with the school community. I have served on various boards of schools and community organizations throughout Charles County, which has allowed me to build relationships with faculty, staff, local businesses, and community organizations. This experience has helped me to assist with fostering a sense of community and partnership and has been instrumental in fundraising and school engagement efforts.


Shellee Stine - PTSO Treasurer

I firmly believe that engaged parents lead to engaged students. When parents have the opportunity to gather and participate in educational and informational meetings related to their child’s developmental needs, the parent is better prepared to help their child be successful both in school and in the community. I would love to see Milton Somers PTO develop into an organization that is able to offer these types of educational meetings. Adolescence is a difficult time for both parents and students and wouldn’t it be great to have monthly meetings with topics such as social media safety and other similar topics that all parents were welcome to attend.

I am currently the Chair of the Maryland State Stroke Coordinator’s Consortium, I am a member of the board of directors for Charles County Center for Abused Persons. I have held the positions of PTO president and Treasurer in the past at La Plata high school, North Point High school and at Mitchell Elementary school.

We encourage all family members of Somers students to join the Parent Teacher Student Organization – Membership is free!

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